More than ever, people from all industries and professions are realizing that their data is valuable. We understand that data can inform us about our past, present and future in many insightful ways. However many struggle to find the time or expertise to expose these valuable insights.

VizElement can help you uncover insights in your data efficiently and effectively. We have years of experience with companies of all sizes and data of many flavors and our expertise we can help you get to insights quickly.

VizElement Process

Our process is born out of a great deal of experience creating visual analytics that last. We believe there are separate, but highly integrated elements of the visual analytics process that are important. These elements are the foundation of what we do:

  1. Data preparation: Making your data work for analysis, reporting or visualization. Depending on the solution goals, this may be one-time transformation or may require a automated pipeline to deliver the data in a maintenance-free way.
  2. Data analysis: Understanding the goals and insights that need to be gleaned and working the data to extract value for you. This typically starts with a question and ends with an answer - which might be a statistical analysis, metric development and investigation, or a combination of techniques in an analysis report.
  3. Data visualization: Seeing the data differently. Often we find that people come to us with the need to simply “see” their data. We can make your data accessible and consumable - in ways that you never imagined possible. Sometimes this needs to be a “show-stopper” in terms of aesthetics and presentation, while other times, you need to see your metrics clearly to spot trends, patterns or outliers in your domain.
  4. Solutioning: Preparing, analyzing and visualizing data is critical, however, we believe our deliverables shouldn’t be a future burden. The steps that go into developing your visual analytics can be complicated, therefore we focus early and often on creating efficiencies, automation and documentation. We call this “Solutioning” and believe that it is critical to creating visual analytics that survive time, turnover and new technologies!

Overall, we are focused on providing practical, yet creative and insightful, solutions. We believe that most solutions can be fairly simplistic to derive value from your business data.

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